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  1.   Marine Grounding Systems  by Stan Honey, from the October 15, 1996 issue of Practical Sailor. (Adobe PDF File, 633.7 KB) 
  2.   Seawater Grounding for High Frequency Radios  by Gordon West (Adobe PDF File, 114.4 KB) 
  3.   Grounding and Counterpoise, A link to Chapter 8 of Gordon West's Book (below)  (Adobe PDF File, 495.9 KB) 
  4.   Marine SSB Simplified  by Gordon West 
  5.   Green Wire Controversy  by Robert Loeser. On AC grounding &  ABYC electrical standards. (Adobe PDF File, 57.4 KB) 
  6.   Grounding Concepts for Sailboats  (Seyla Marine) 

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