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Peterson Cutter Group Mast Pulpit Page

A Group Buy for mast pulpits was done in 2006.

2006 Pricing for a pair of Mast Pulpits
Price without pins: $350
Pin option: $40
Step option: $25
Packaging: $35
Flat Rate Shipping $90
Washers: $5
DHL SHIPPING: $80 to $92 (Girth + Length = 144 in.)

A new Group Buy for mast pulpit was organized in 2015 by Shane Brooker on Isabella.

2015 Pricing for a pair of Mast Pulpits
Basic with step: $449
Pin option: $102
Shipping: at cost to buyer
Fabricator: White Water Marine of Port Huon, MI


  • Symmetric 3-legged unit with narrow stance for our narrow cabin top
  • Heavy 1.25" 316 tubing.
  • Welded pins for lines are available as an option
  • Stainless plate for a foot-step are an option
  • Clearance for rigid vang
  • Welded bails to fasten tethers, snap shackles, barber haulers, and snatch blocks.
  • Third leg acts as step. Owner can bolt a wooden step across the brace and leg.
  • Integral 3/8-16 welded nut baseplates
  • Requires six 3/8-16 X 3" 304 Stainless THREADED RODS for easy installation. Bolts may also be used..
  • Six 2" x 1/16" EPDM U/V resistant rubber washers to use instead of bedding.

See Page on Original Design Process



Download Plans and Photos:
Mast Pulpit (Adobe PDF File, 848.1 KB,
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Mast Pulpit Images (larger Images) (ZIP File, 2 MB,
Jun 05 2015 00:15

Mast Pulpit Images (smaller Images) (ZIP File, 633.2 KB,
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