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KP44 Cutless™ Bearings

I'd venture to say that the KP44 cutless bearing design would nonplus even Nigel Calder. Personally I think it's a great design once you understand it. Both cutless bearings are threaded into removable bearing carriers. As you look at the shaft area as it exits the deadwood you will see a disc shape with 6 large screws. The disc is the end of the bearing carrier. If you remove those screws you should be able to pull the carrier out to check the cutless bearing. This is best done with the shaft removed. It is a snug fit in the shaft tube. When replacing the cutless bearing you have to have it threaded by a machine shop in order to screw it into the bearing carrier. The end of the outboard cutless bearing is flush with the disc with 6 screws.  There should be no play between the shaft and the cutless bearing. 

Ray Seiffert

S/V Sea Lady - KP44

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