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Peterson Cutter owners are welcome to list their boats for sale on the KP44.ORG website.  If you are not a member of the Peterson Owners group, please click here to join. 

If you are a broker, please ask your owner to contact us directly. Your owner is welcome to provide a link to your brokerage website.


To list your boat please send the following information via email to: 

Please read the disclaimer below

If you don't have a web presence for your boat, I'll be happy to create a "for sale" web page for your vessel.  Please send via email:

If I'm just listing the name and price and a link to your web page or broker's web page, that's easy and I'm happy to do it for a wee contribution towards the website maintenance kitty, but I have found that it takes me two to three hours to format and edit a complete web page with your photos, specification lists, links, and references. I'm happy to help out my fellow Peterson Cutters, but I think US$150.00 is not an unreasonable amount for this service. Just use the links below to pay with Paypal or credit card. USD checks may be mailed directly to Jeff Stander at 3518 Fremont Ave N. #253, Seattle WA 98103 USA.


Donation for a simple listing on the
Boats For Sale page.

Donation for a full web page linked to the Boats For Sale page.


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Boats are listed for sale on this website as a service to the Peterson Cutter community.   No endorsement of a particular vessel is expressed or implied by any information listed on this website.  All data listed here have been provided to KP44.ORG by the current vessel owner and the authenticity of said data is the sole responsibility of the owner.   When using information found here, owners and purchasers acknowledge that KP44.ORG, its owners and representatives, bear no responsibility for the safety, fitness, condition, or serviceability of the listed vessel or for any errors or omissions in the data or information presented on this website.

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