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The mailing list is hosted by Groups.io. Subscription and user profiles allow getting messages via the web or by email.  You can choose how you want to access this service.  You can access archived messages any time via the web interface.

You can join with a simple "Subscribe" email (without a body or subject).  Just click on the Subscribe link below.  You can also join by going to the Peterson Cutter Group subscription page.  With either method you will receive a confirmation email and once you reply to that your are automatically on the email list.   

hosts the www.kp44.org web site and is also moderator for the mailing list.  Contact Jeff for any additions to the web site or comments on the mailing list service.

You can also subscribe or unsubscribe via email.  Mailing list links are below:

 Peterson Cutter Mailing List


 Mailing List Home Page: Peterson Cutter Group
 Subscribe by email: PetersonCuttter+subscribe@groups.io
 Unsubscribe by email: PetersonCuttter+unsubscribe@groups.io
 To Post a message by email: PetersonCuttter@groups.io
 Send email to List Owner: PetersonCuttter+owner@groups.io



When posting messages to the group, a few niceties make this mailing list work better:

  1. Posting photos as attachments makes it very expensive in time & money for those with dial-up or seamail connections. Please either send photos to the list owner to put on www.kp44.org , or post them yourself to the group mailing list site, and then let everyone know where they are in your message.  
  2. In the same vein, when replying to a posted letter, try to delete the bulk of the original letter when replying to a thread. 
  3. If you change the subject of a thread when replying to a letter, please change the subject line.
  4. Some subjects are best handled with direct email to the person or people involved (arranging a one-on-one rendezvous, getting an address to send a package, etc).
  5. Flames are NOT allowed.  Derogatory language, bad language, inappropriate postings, will get you banned from the list.
  6. Discussions of the relative merits of KP44 vs. Formosa 46 are discouraged.  They are all old boats now and need all the help they can get.

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