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Carol is arguably the best cruising sail maker in the world.  She has sailed many offshore miles aboard KP44's in the South Pacific and is very familiar with the boat.  Last year she made a new jib and fully-battened main for Beatrix and next year we plan an assymetric cruising spinnaker and storm trysail.  The fully-battened main slides on standard T-track which is perfectly adequate.  I can tell you that her sails are absolutely perfect and the main and jenny are beautiful to be behold.

Carol can be reached at Port Townsend Sails, 315 Jackson St, Port Townsend, WA 98368 USA. 1360 385-1640,

The sail plans below were made from her direct measurements of our boat.  

Carol first drew a profile sketch of Beatrix with both a 130% and 125% genoa.  She said "I know they're quite close in size, but somehow the 125% looks like the sail I'd want offshore.  Both the 125% and 130% clews are 7' off the deck -- a good height for seeing under when thte boat is heeling".  We followed her advice and chose the 125% genoa.  It is much easier to sail with and reef than a larger jib and although we might loose a bit of power in light air it is much more practical for a cruising boat heading south.


I = Height of the mast from the sheerline to the highest sheave
J = Distance from the front of the mast at the deck to the foremost forestay
P = Distance from the top of the gooseneck to the highest point of hoist of the mainsail.
E = Aft face of the mast to the maximum point for the clew of the mainsail.

  Main and Genoa only

  All sails: Main, genoa, storm stays'l, working staysail, asymmetrical cruising spinnaker, storm trysail

Carol Hasse KP44 Sail Plan (Adobe PDF File, 133.7 KB,

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