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From Bud and Nita aboard the KP44 Passage.

“The design borrows about 10" of room from the settee (making it only suitable as a bed for small children (heaven forbid) or persons under 5'2".  The modification might not be suitable for everyone, but we think it should meet our needs quite nicely. (We brew beer and are into underwater photography so something definitely had to give).” (Ed. note: It's great beer). Click here to see the finished work and many other great things aboard Passage. 


Option 1. drawer bank and door


Utilizes the existing drawers from the end of available mechanical space behind drawers  (pumps, refrigeration etc.)

Disadvantages: Stove may interfere with door when boat heels to starboard.



Option 2.  Two (or three) custom drawers above, original sliding doors and cabinet below


Less work … greater cabinet space … sliding doors

Disadvantages: Fewer  drawers



Modified Settee and Galley Cabinet

This view shows the shortened settee and the cabinet extension (about 10") going forward of the existing bulkhead.  The bulkhead will remain unchanged except for cutting it down to counter height (about 4") and making a cutout to accommodate the sink.  The existing cabinet has the drawer section removed and has  been rounded (about 11" radius) to make access to the ladder and galley a little better for us old people.  The added storage is where we plan to put our watermaker along with some additional chart storage.  We are talking about rounding the settee (and the table) more than is shown and hinging the aft end of the table to the cabinet.  This would allow access by both ends when only the two of us are using it.  The existing drawers will be moved to the present sink location and the old drawer will find its way to my future workbench area across from the engine.  We sorta design as we go in some areas, so we will keep you posted. 



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