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Original KP46 & KP44 Sales Brochures

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Documents Specially Pertaining to Peterson Cutters


  • Tuning and Rigging
  • Batteries aboard Cruising Sailboats - Why They Fail; What To Do About It. (letter from Justin Godber of Lifeline Batteries)
  • Article about KP44 Sea Esta (Latitudes and Attitudes May 2005).
  • (Adobe PDF File, 984.2 KB,
    May 21 2010 01:51
  • Peterson Cutter Plans and Drawings
  • Tuning your rig (Notes from Brion Toss tune-up of KP44 Beatrix)
  • Sheet Loadings for Peterson 44
  • KP44 Sail Plan
  • The good-old Peterson 44 (Blue Water Sailing, May 1998) (Adobe PDF File, 347.8 KB,
    May 21 2010 01:51
  • Boat Review: KP44 (Cruising World, Nov. 1997)
  • What Boats Are Really Out There? ( Sailnet, John Kretschmer, Nov 2003).  Features KP44 as a favorite among world cruisers.
  • Removing the Rudder by Rick Crane of KP44 Sea Crane.
  • KP44 Ground Tackle Drag Force Calculations
  • Rudder Failure and Rebuild by Britt Finley of KP44 Restless.
  • Tabbing Bulkheads to the Hull and Deck by Robert Klingberg of F46 Williwaw. (Adobe PDF File, 21.1 KB,
    May 21 2010 01:51
  • Inland and International Navigation Light Requirements for Peterson Cutters.
  • Winch Analysis Spreadsheet by Jeff Stander on KP44 Beatrix.  Choose your winches from Lewmar, Anderson or Harken, enter your sail specifications, and calculate sheet loadings and winch power.
  • Which Winch?  Two articles on which selection and analysis.
  • KP44 Polar Diagrams
  • Rudder Repair Page.  Links to all the rudder failure, repair, and rebuild articles on the website.
  • Perkins 4.154 Manuals. These are original manuals scanned into Adobe Acrobat™ format.
  • Borg-Warner Velvet Drive Manuals. These are original manuals scanned into Adobe Acrobat™ format.
  • Ford Lehman Engine Manuals. These are original manuals scanned into Adobe Acrobat™ format.
  • Original KP44 GROCO Seacocks Parts List. Note: GROCO no longer makes replacement parts for these seacocks, but here is what I've learned. These plugs are made of Buna-N Rubber, the same material as in O-rings. They should NOT wear out, but they can develop "bumps" from non-use of the valves. (The pressure exerted by the tightened wingnut forces the rubber into the drain plug hole and into the inlet and outlet ports, and older plugs do not quickly return to their original shape). If the valve becomes difficult to turn, at haul-out remove the valve plug. Bumps may be removed with light sanding or filing. Coat lightly with silicon based grease. I find that pure silicon O-ring grease, obtainable from all dive shops, is perfect for this use.
  • Other Documents of Interest

    1. Boat Electric Wire Technical Data
    2. Decimal to Fractional Measure Conversion Tables.
    3. Stainless Steel White Paper
    4. Inside scoop on used boat pricing (March 2002) by Richard Meeks, F46 owner & (former) broker
    5. Grounding your vessel. Articles on electrical grounding & counterpoise.
    6. Electrical Conductivity of Materials.  Why you shouldn't put a stainless washer under that battery.
    7. Differences Between International and North American Power.  Why overseas 220 volts is NOT the same as USA 220 volts.
    8. Articles on Lightning and Lightning Protection.
    9. Selden Single Line Reefing Instructions (Adobe PDF File, 421.7 KB,
      May 21 2010 01:51
    10. Hints and Advice On Tuning a Selden Mast (Adobe PDF File, 2.4 MB,
      Mar 23 2012 19:12
      )  Applies to rig tuning in general.

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